Brief Report: Effects of Informational Feedback on Aluminum Can Recycling

Larson, M.E., Houlihan, D, & Goernert, P.N. (1995). Brief report: Effects of informational feedback on aluminum can recycling. Behavioral Interventions, 10, 2, 111-117.

Examined the impact of informational feedback on the depositing of aluminum cans in recycling receptacles at a university. Informational signs were placed over 20 recycling receptacles in 3 academic buildings. Each informational sign was placed at eye level, with the number of aluminum cans deposited for recycling during the previous week displayed in red digits. A 65% increase in the number of aluminum cans deposited in recycling receptacles with the informational signs was observed. Removal of the informational signs reliably decreased the number of aluminum cans deposited. Results are discussed in the context of employing feedback to increase environmental protection behaviors.

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