An Integrated Model of Waste Management Behavior: A Test of Household Recycling and Composting Intentions

Taylor, S., & Todd, P. An integrated model of waste management behavior: A test of household recycling and composting intentions. Vol. 27. 1995. 603-630.

Studied the antecedents of recycling and compositing intentions in the context of an integrated waste management behavior model. The model is based on the theory of planned behavior. Data were collected from a sample of 761 respondents, using an environmental survey. Results reveal that (1) both intention to recycle, and composting were positively influenced by attitude and perceived behavioral control but was negatively influenced by subjective norms, (2) attitude towards both recycling and compositing were strongly determined by relative advantage, and negatively influenced by complexity, and (3) efficacy and resource-facilitating conditions were positively related to perceived behavioral control in recycling as well as in compositing. It is concluded that the integrated waste management model offers insights into the determinants of recycling and compositing intentions.

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