Resource Conservation and Recycling: Behavior and Policy

Oskamp, S. (1995). Resource conservation and recycling: Behavior and policy. Journal of Social Issues, 51, 4, 157-177.

Reviews earlier research on forms of solid waste recycling and describes the findings of several recent studies of curbside programs. Past research has found that general environmental concern and knowledge are somewhat predictive of pro-environmental behaviors, while pro-environmental attitudes are not. Several types of interventions, such as monetary incentives, increased recycling convenience, and persuasive strategies, have proved successful in increasing recycling behavior. Six recent studies on community-wide curbside recycling are reported. These studies identify some predictors of pro-environmental attitudes and behaviors, and demonstrate the efficacy of a number of interventions (including commingled recycling and individual and group feedback of recycling performance). The growth of paper recycling by businesses and environmentally conscious "green buying" is also examined and implications for policy-making are highlighted.

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