Market Segementation for Recycling

Howenstine, E. (1993). Market segementation for recycling. Environment and Behavior, 25, 1, 86-102.

Suggests that from a behavioral perspective, the decision to recycle or not to recycle can be understood as a set of conditions that must be met: sufficient motivation, knowledge, and the ability to overcome the inconveniences associated with participation. Market segmentation was used to identify potential recyclers and target their specific needs and concerns. 578 university students in Chicago who participated in the study completed a survey on recycling between 1990 and 1991. 28% of Orientals, 28% of Blacks, 12% of Hispanics, and 51% of Whites claimed to recycle. 12 reasons were identified for not recycling. Differences in perceptions and opinions between racial/ethnic groups were also identified. Cluster analyses might be useful to identify the needs of Ss most likely to become 1st-time recyclers.

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