What Makes a Recycler? A Comparison of Recyclers and Nonrecyclers

Vining, J., & Ebreo, A. What makes a recycler? A comparison of recyclers and nonrecyclers. Vol. 22. 1990. 55-73.

Investigated differences between 110 recyclers (RCs) and 87 nonrecyclers (NRCs) in 2 areas: (1) recycling knowledge and motives and (2) demographic characteristics. RCs in general were more aware of publicity about recycling and more knowledgeable about materials that were recyclable in the local area and the means for recycling these materials than were NRCs. While both RCs and NRCs were motivated by concerns for the environment, NRCs were more concerned with financial incentives to recycle, rewards for recycling, and matters of personal convenience. Few demographic characteristics distinquished RCs from NRS.

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