Toward a Sustainable Society: Waste Minimization through Environmentally Conscious Consuming

Linn, N., Vining, J., & Feeley, P. A. (1994). Toward a sustainable society: Waste minimization through environmentally conscious consuming. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 24, 17, 1550-1572.

The experiment was an educational intervention that promoted and described an ongoing environmental tagging program located in a chain of 3 local grocery stores. Over the period of a year, the experimental intervention was expected to stimulate self-reported environmentally conscious consuming above the level generated by the tagging program alone and above the levels reported by shoppers who did not shop at the experimental stores. A total of 241 Ss participated. Contrary to expectations, there was no significant interaction effect of year and group on self-reported environmentally friendly consuming. An investigation of the significant main effect of shopping at the environmentally tagged stores showed a significant positive effect on purchasing less toxic products, knowledge about the organization that originated the environmental tagging program, and awareness of the program.

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