A Longitudinal Study of Informational Interventions to Save Energy in an Office Building

Staats, H., van-Leeuwen, E., & Wit, A. (2000). A longitudinal study of informational interventions to save energy in an office building. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 33, 1, 101-104.

Investigated whether informational interventions, applied periodically might affect proenvironmental behavior change and long term maintenance of change of office occupants. The interventions targeted 2 heating-related behaviors that were tied to observable attributes of each individual office. Informational interventions were employed to promote 2 behaviors relevant for efficient heating of individual offices in a large office building. In 2 successive winter seasons, interventions were applied during 4-wk periods. Short-term effects were assessed weekly, and long-term effects were assessed 1 yr after each of the 2 intervention periods. Improvements were observed in each intervention period, with partial behavior maintenance 1 yr later. It is concluded that the changes observed in the individual offices across conditions are suggestive of the program's capacity to correct relapses in earlier proenvironmental behavior.

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