Adverse Health Experiences, Environmental Attitudes, and Pesticide Usage Behavior of Farm Operators

Lichtenberg, E. & Zimmerman, R. (1999). Adverse health experiences, environmental attitudes, and pesticide usage behavior of farm operators . Risk Analysis, 19, 2, 283-294.

Examined whether farmers who have had adverse health experiences believed to be associated with pesticides are more likely to have heightened concerns and therefore take greater precautions in dealing with pesticides than farmers who have not had negative experiences. Based on a survey of 2,700 corn and soybean growers in Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania this study found that farmers who experienced adverse situations with pesticides are more likely to report higher concerns about water pollution, illness and injury than farmers who do not report such experiences. Farmers who report experiencing such problems also are more likely to report using alternative pest management practices than farmers who do not report having such problems.

  • Agriculture
    • Pesticide Use
  • Tools
    • Attitudes
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