Environmental Waste: Recycling Attitudes and Correlates

Larsen, K. S. (1995). Environmental waste: Recycling attitudes and correlates. Journal of Social Psychology, 135, 1, 83-88.

A 5-phase study measured attitudes toward recycling environmental waste among 452 undergraduates. The item pool consisted of 40 positive statements and 41 negative statements. Assessment instruments included the Attitudes Toward Recycling (ATR) Scale, the Pro-Environment Scale, and an attitudes scale on the transportation of nuclear waste. Attitudes on the preservation of river salmon runs, political participation, prisoner's rights, and birth control were also measured. The ATR instrument had high part^whole correlations, satisfactory internal homogeneity, moderate construct validity coefficients, and satisfactory reliability. There was a predictable relationship between attitudes toward recycling and attitudes toward environmental issues, rights issues, and political participation. A connectedness was noted between positive environmental attitudes, personal responsibility, and broader social concern.

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