A Company-Based Lottery to Reduce the Personal Driving of Employees

Foxx, R. M. & Schaeffer, M. H. (1981). A company-based lottery to reduce the personal driving of employees. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 14, 3, 273-285.

83 employees of a research and consulting firm were divided into experimental and contrast groups. The experimental design involved a baseline in which no consequences were attached to driving behavior and a 1-mo lottery in which the experimentals were rewarded for decreasing their percentage of average miles driven per day relative to their initial baseline average. During the lottery condition, experimentals reduced their average daily mileage by 11.6% relative to their initial baseline (7.85 miles/employee/day) while the contrast Ss increased their average mileage by 21.2%; both groups exceeded their initial baseline averages in the return to baseline.

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