Consumers' Attitudes toward Energy Conservation

Olsen, M. E. (1981). Consumers' attitudes toward energy conservation. Journal of Social Issues, 37, 2, 108-131.

Previous research indicates that about 50% of all Americans believe that the energy problem is real and serious, and less than 25% are completely unconvinced of the problem. Large proportions of the public also support relatively strong conservation policies, especially if they feel personally responsible for helping solve the problem and hold a broad environmental ethic. The latter values, which are linked with ideas of "voluntary simplicity," appear to be replacing traditional American beliefs in material consumption. General attitudes toward the energy problem are not associated with reported conservation actions, but people who anticipate experiencing direct personal consequences from the energy problem are likely to take action to save energy. This is congruent with the M. Fishbein and I. Ajzen (1975) attitude model.

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