Teaching the Concept of Precycling: A Campaign and Evaluation

Gillilan, Sheryl; Werner, Carol M.; Olson, Lynne; Adams, Dorothy (1996). Teaching the Concept of Precycling: A Campaign and Evaluation. Journal of Environmental Education, 28, 1, 11-18.

Evaluated the extent to which shoppers acquired knowledge about precycling from radio, TV and in-store advertising campaign (ADC) and whether that knowledge was translated into self-reported precycling behavior. A simple pretest-posttest design was used; the 1st (198 18-91 yr olds) and the 2nd (216 18-83 yr olds) wave of data were collected from October 3-20, 1991 and from January 16-23, 1992, respectively. The ADC ran from October 7-December 29, 1991. The ADC was found to be effective at teaching the concept of precycling. After the ADC, telephone interviews showed that 16% of the Ss could correctly define the term. The survey results show that at least 65,000 citizens of Salt Lake County had probably learned the concept from the ADC. Given that the term had not come into popular use at the time of the ADC, it is unlikely that individuals had learned the term from another source. A significant association was found between seeing the ADC and correctly defining precycling.

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