Understanding the Determinants of Consumer Composting Behavior

Taylor, S. & Todd, P. (1997). Understanding the determinants of consumer composting behavior. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 27, 7, 602-628.

Compared 3 models of waste management behavior: (1) a theory of reasoned action model, (2) an environmental belief-behavior model, and (3) an integrated waste management model. 1,489 Ss (mean age 46 yrs) completed a survey and a 2-wk diary of their consumer composting activities. Three measures of behavior were used based on information collected from the diaries: total number of trips made to the composter, and 2 7-point self-report scale items indicating the degree to which the S composted kitchen and yard waste over the 2-wk period. Results suggest that while the environmental beliefs-behavior model and the integrated waste management models both fit the data well, the integrated waste management model provided better predictive power and offers significant insight into the factors that influence composting behavior. An appendix of questionnaire items is provided.

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