Public Perception of Strategies for Increasing Participation in Recycling Programs

Nyamwange, M. (1996). Public perception of strategies for increasing participation in recycling programs. Journal of Environmental Education, 27, 4, 19-22.

Assessed public perception of selected strategies for increasing participation in city recycling programs. Ss completed a questionnaire regarding frequency of recycling, items recycled, reasons for not recycling, means of making the community aware of recycling programs, potential sites for recycling containers, and changes that would induce full participation in recycling programs. Strategies examined included (1) increasing the level of knowledge about recycling, (2) increasing the convenience of recycling by placing recycling containers in accessible locations, (3) using effective channels to inform the community about recycling, and (4) getting input from the public. Results indicate that increasing the level of knowledge about recycling through television programs and public campaigns and increasing convenience of recycling locations would enhance participation in recycling programs.

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