Prompts and Posted Feedback: In Search of an Effective Method of Litter Control

Dixon, R. S., Knott, T., Rowsell, H. & Sheldon, L. (1992). Prompts and posted feedback: In search of an effective method of litter control. Behaviour Change, 9, 1, 2-7.

Compared the effectiveness of prompts (PRs [signs]) and posted feedback (PFB) as litter control strategies in 2 university cafeterias. Patronage and litter rates were monitored daily throughout the 2nd term of an academic year. PRs, PRs and PFB, and PFB were presented sequentially within a multiple baseline across settings experimental design. While litter rates initially declined in the presence of PRs, the addition of PFB did not have an additive effect; however, subsequent removal of PRs produced further reductions in litter rates, which were still evident during follow-up 5 wks later. Results suggest that PFB is an effective and inexpensive method of litter control.

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