Behavioral Strategies to Reduce Cigarette Litter

Cope, J. G., Huffman, K. T., Allred, L. J. & Grossnickle, W. F. (1993). Behavioral strategies to reduce cigarette litter. Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, 8, 4, 607-619.

Determined in 2 experiments whether an increased number of ashtrays available in a particular location would reduce ground accumulations of cigarette litter and whether decorated ashtrays are more effective in reducing cigarette litter than regular nondecorated ashtrays. The presence of ashtrays during Exp 1 led to a significant overall decrease in cigarette litter on the ground at low-traffic and high-traffic sites, when compared with conditions with no ashtrays available. Exp 2 yielded similar results in terms of ground litter at the high-traffic site. Significantly fewer cigarette butts were collected in the presence of ashtrays than when ashtrays were absent. Decorating 2 ashtrays increased the number of appropriate disposals at 3 of the 4 locations compared with nondecorated controls.

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