Increasing Desired Waste Disposals with Instructions

Geller, E. S. (1975). Increasing desired waste disposals with instructions. Man Environment Systems, 5, 2, 125-128.

In 2 experiments, handbills were distributed to individuals entering a movie theater and grocery store, respectively. 20% more handbills were deposited in the trash cans and ash trays of the movie theater when the handbill conveyed the general antilitter prompt, "Please Dispose of Properly," than when it did not. At the grocery store more handbills containing a general antilitter prompt were found in the store's only trash receptacle than were handbills containing no antilitter message. However, when the handbills included a prompt that specified the location of the 1 trash receptacle, prominently more trash can disposals occurred than when the handbills conveyed a general antilitter message.

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