Life Paths into Effective Environmental Action

Chawla, Louise. (1999). Life paths into effective environmental action. . Journal of Environmental Education, 31, 1, 15-26.

Explored US and Norwegian environmentalists' self-awareness of the experiences that have led them to a sense of connection to the environment and dedication to protect it. Structured, open-ended interviews were conducted with 30 environmentalists in Kentucky and 26 in Norway (35 men, 21 women, 60% aged 30-49 yrs) who represented a broad range of issues, from wilderness protection to urban planning. Sources of environmental commitment mentioned most often were experience of natural areas, family influences, organizations, negative experiences, and education. People were also asked about the period in life when significant experiences occurred, and on this basis, a typical life path of predominant sources of commitment at different ages was constructed. Respondents also recommended strategies for effective environmental action.

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