Human Values and the Emergence of a Sustainable Consumption Pattern: A Panel Study

Thogersen, J., & Ă–lander, F. (2002). Human values and the emergence of a sustainable consumption pattern: A panel study. Journal of Economic Psychology, 23(5), 605-630.

In this study, data from a random sample of Danish consumers are used to test the hypothesis that the emergence of a sustainable consumption pattern is influenced by individual value priorities. By the use of a cross-lagged panel design and structural equation modelling it is possible to draw firmer conclusions about the direction of causality than has been possible in previous research.

  • Transportation
    • Biking
    • Mass Transit
  • Energy
    • Energy Efficient Homes
    • Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Agriculture
    • Food
  • Waste Reduction
    • Hazardous Waste
    • Recycling
    • Source Reduction
  • Water
    • Water Efficiency
  • Tools
    • Attitudes
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