Correlates of Pro-Sustainability Orientation: The Affinity Towards Diversity

Corral-Verdugo, V., Bonnes, M., Tapia-Fonllem, C., Fraijo-Sing, B., FrĂ­as-Armenta, M., & Carrus, G. (2009). Correlates of pro-sustainability orientation: The affinity towards diversity. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 29(1), 34-43.

The concept of affinity towards diversity (ATD) is introduced and illustrated with two studies on the psychological drivers of pro-sustainability orientation and environmentally friendly behaviors. In light of the importance that biological and social ecological sciences assign to diversity within socio-ecological systems, ATD was conceptualized as an individual predisposition to appreciate the dynamic variety of human–nature interactions in everyday life situations. ATD implies valuing and liking biological and socio-cultural diversity, more than simply being respectful before or accepting differences in the social and physical contexts. Two different samples of Mexicans responded to a series of scales, one of them assessing ATD. The scale exhibited an acceptable level of internal consistency and it also showed construct validity, according to the results of two structural equation models. A first study showed that ATD significantly and negatively covaries with a scale of intolerance, and positively covaries with a measure of environmentally friendly behavior. A second study revealed also that ATD, together with other psychological factors (future orientation, altruism, emotions towards nature), forms the basis for a pro-sustainability orientation which, in turn, predicts environmentally friendly behaviors.

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