Types and Influential Factors of Consumers' Non-Purchasing Ecological Behaviors

Tilikidou, I., & Delistavrou, A. (2008). Types and influential factors of consumers' non-purchasing ecological behaviors. Business Strategy and the Environment, 17(1), 61-76.

This article presents an examination of non-purchasing ecological behaviors and their influential factors. The results indicate that consumers who engage in recycling, proenvironmental post-purchasing behavior and pro-environmental activities are highly educated people. Among them, those who are mostly involved in recycling and the non-energetic, rather traditional, activities are mostly influenced by their positive attitudes towards recycling, as well as by their social responsibility. Those who adopt more energetic, more active, behaviors are mostly influenced by their beliefs that they hold power over politicians and politics. It was also found that those who are engaged in one type of non-purchasing pro-environmental behavior are more likely to engage in another type as well.

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