Non-Response to the Recycling Promotion Technique of Blockleader and Commitment

Meneses, G.D. (2009). Non-response to the recycling promotion technique of blockleader and commitment. Journal of Socio-Economics, 38(4), pp. 663-671.

The use of the recycling promotion technique which consists of commitment through a blockleader incentive has demonstrated that those individuals who are reluctant to increase their collaboration in response to the technique do not differ substantially from those who respond positively to the promotion, in terms of the processing information style. This similarity is clear, not only from the longitudinal perspective, which considers the evolution of these cognitive and evaluative variables from before the promotion application, but also from a transversal perspective, in other words, how the relationships between these variables are structured in both types of response model. However, the implications for management are based on the differences in the details of the two response patterns and a line of research based on the phenomenon of reluctance is justifiably proposed.

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