The Response to the Commitment with Block-Leader Recycling Promotion Technique: A Longitudinal Approach

Meneses, G., & Palacio, A. (2007). The response to the commitment with block-leader recycling promotion technique: A longitudinal approach. Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing, 17(1-2), 83-102.

This article focuses on the study of the changes in consumers' recycling beliefs, attitudes, and behavior due to the application of one promotion technique: a commitment by block leader technique characterized by the agreeing participant signing a request or statement in which s/he makes a commitment to recycle as a result of the encouragement of a person who belongs to the same social circle. We therefore carried out a quasi-experimental work whose results enable us to explain the response to this recycling promotion technique. It makes a contribution to existing environmental literature by (1) systemizing the set of existing doctrines in order to explain the response to this recycling promotion technique, and (2) revealing the effects of this technique on people's beliefs and attitudes. The practical implications that may stem from these contributions are of an educational nature and should be of use to the public management of promotion campaigns.

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