How do Small and Medium Enterprises Go Green? A Study of Environmental Management Programs in the U.S. Wine Industry

Cordano, M., Marshall, R., & Silverman, M. (2010). How do small and medium enterprises go green? A study of environmental management programs in the U.S. wine industry. Journal of Business Ethics, 92(3), 463-478. doi:10.1007/s10551-009-0168-z.

In industries populated by small and medium enterprises, managers’ good intentions frequently incur barriers to superior environmental performance (Tilley, Bus Strategy Environ 8:238–248, 1999). During the period when the U.S. wine industry was beginning to promote voluntary adoption of sound environmental practices, we examined managers’ attitudes, norms, and perceptions of stakeholder pressures to assess their intentions to implement environmental management programs (EMP). We found that managers within the simple structures of these small and medium firms are responsive to attitudes, norms, and pressures from internal stakeholders and that voluntarily established EMP increased the success of firms’ implementation of energy conservation and recycling practices. Applications of our findings to future research on small and medium enterprises as well as direct practical applications of our results are discussed.

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