Pollution Reduction Preferences of U.S. Environmental Managers: Applying Ajzens Theory of Planned Behavior

Cordano, M., & Frieze, I. (2000). Pollution reduction preferences of U.S. environmental managers: Applying Ajzen's theory of planned behavior. Academy of Management Journal, 43(4), 627-641. doi:10.2307/1556358.

Modified I. Ajzen's theory of planned behavior to analyze the behavioral preferences of 295 environmental managers. Ss were surveyed and structural equation analysis was used to link the source reduction preferences of Ss to their pollution prevention attitudes, their perceptions of norms for environmental regulation, their perceived behavioral control, and the past source reduction activity of their facilities. Results show that the hypothesized model fit the data well, except that the perceived behavioral control variable was negatively rather than positively predictive of behavioral preferences for source reduction activity. A list of scale items used in this study are appended.

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