Understanding human papilloma virus vaccine uptake.

Fisher, W. A., (2012). Understanding human papilloma virus vaccine uptake. Vaccine, 30S, F149-F156.

The current chapter reviews research on correlates of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine uptake. Findings are organized within an Information—Motivation—Behavioral Skills (IMB) model framework, which specifies that HPV vaccination information, motivation to act on this information, and behavioral skills for acting on it effectively, are fundamental determinants of HPV vaccine uptake. Empirical support for the hypothesized relationships of HPV vaccine information, HPV vaccine motivation, HPV vaccine behavioral skills, and HPV vaccine uptake is reported, and support for conceptual models that move beyond purely motivational accounts of HPV vaccine uptake is adduced. An IMB model approach to promotion of HPV vaccine uptake is proposed, and directions for future research in this area are discussed. 

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