A longitudinal study of sun-protective attitudes and behaviors.

LaBat, K., DeLong, M., & Gahring, S.A. (2005). A longitudinal study of sun-protective attitudes and behaviors. Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal, 33(3), 240-254.

The goal of this research was to determine the long-term viability of a sun health message. A multi-part educational intervention on hazards of sun exposure and methods of protection was delivered to fifth- and sixth-grade students, followed by a questionnaire to assess learning of the message. Four years later, participants were tracked and a questionnaire administered to assess retention of the sun health message. No formal sun health educational programs were delivered over the 4-year period. Participants retained the knowledge that sun can cause cancer and skin dam- age; however, the importance of appearance to these teens seems to have affected decisions about sun protection methods. Four years later, as teens, the students preferred a sun-tanned appearance and rejected methods of sun protection, especially the use of sun-protective clothing. 

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