Scoreboard advertising at sporting events as a health promotion medium.

Lynch, B.M. & Dunn, J. (2003). Scoreboard advertising at sporting events as a health promotion medium. Health Education Research, 18(4), 488-492.

This report describes spectator recall of SunSmart skin cancer prevention advertising displayed on the Brisbane Cricket Ground scoreboard at intermittent periods throughout the 1999/2000 cricket season and the sun-protective behaviors of these spectators. Two hundred and thirty-one spectators were asked a series of five questions about their recall of SunSmart advertising and their present sun-screen usage. Respondents' sun-protective behavior observed at the time of questioning was also recorded. The SunSmart advertising was seen by 15.6% of respondents. Recall of the SunSmart advertising was higher amongst spectators observed to have high levels of sun protection than amongst spectators with low levels of sun protection. Females were more likely than males to recall the SunSmart advertising. The efficacy of health-promoting advertising in the sports setting has yet to be established and therefore results cannot be compared against accepted benchmarks. This study contributes baseline data that will enable such comparisons to be made. The increase in recent years of health-promoting advertising at sports events, often as part of a comprehensive sponsorship program, necessitates the need for further research in this area. 

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