Influential factors for sun policy implementation in Danish kindergartens.

Rezai, L., Thorgaard, C., & Philip, A. (2011). Influential factors for sun policy implementation in Danish kindergartens. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, 39, 479-483.

Background: In 2007, the Danish Cancer Society and the Tryg Fonden launched a campaign to prevent skin cancer and melanoma. As a part of this intervention programme, the Danish Cancer Society prepared a ‘‘sun policy’’, which recommends how children in Danish kindergartens can be protected from the sun. 

Aims: The aim of this study was to determine the factors that influence a decision to implement the sun policy in Danish kindergartens. 

Methods: We conducted a comparative qualitative study. Data were collected at semi-structured interviews with the principals of five kindergartens with a sun policy and five without. 

Results: The key factor in making a decision is the priority given to the sun policy by the principal, which in turn depends on the principal’s perception of his or her resources. Further factors are the principal’s attitude toward parental responsibility and media focus on sun protection. 

Conclusions: Principals must be convinced of the importance of a written sun policy. A mailed reminder containing arguments about its importance to accompany the draft sun policy might reinforce the formulation and implementation of sun policies nationwide. 

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