Washington State Promotes the Purchase of Recycled Content Products With Prompts in the "Get in the Loop, Buy Recycled" Program

King County commission for Marketing Recyclable Materials & Atwood, A. M. (1994). Consumer research survey: Knowledge, attitudes, and purchase of recycled-content products. King County Commission for Marketing Recyclable Materials.
Washington State used market research to identify the primary barriers to buying recycled products. Although concerns about price and quality were not addressed during this campaign, behavior change tools were effectively coordinated to increase awareness of recycled product availability, to eliminate cynicism about environmental claims, and to improve efforts into buying recycled products. Prompts placed below products called "shelf talkers" not only highlighted product availability, but also substantiated manufacturer recycled content claim. In addition, posters, employee buttons and door decals served as reminders for consumers. These marketing aids were provided free of charge to retailers. During the campaign's first year, stores were offered feedback on their program compliance and retailers were given public recognition for their participation. A marketing campaign not only identified participating stores for consumers, but also provided free advertising for the most actively involved companies.

During the 1994-1995 program year, "Get in the L, Buy Recycled" has a budget of US$ 275,000. Funding for the campaign came from the State of Washington, participating recycled product manufacturers and from solid waste tipping fees. Participating grocery stores reported a 58% increase in sales of recycled products. This increase was most evident in sales of items where the consumer had multiple product choices. Overall, consumers purchased 27% more recycled content items than they had during the previous year. More information about this case can be found here.
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