Clean Builder Program

St. John's Clean and Beautiful is dedicated to increasing environmental awareness, reducing litter, and encouraging community beautification. The Clean Builder program is designed to prevent littering at construction and demolition sites. Participants include property owners, developers, architects, general contractors, sub-contractors, waste haulers, and builder's associations. St. John's Clean and Beautiful seeks the voluntary compliance of the participants to achieve better handling of waste materials. The Eastern Newfoundland Home Builders Association limited has partnered with this organization to launch the "Clean Builder Program". Stickers and signs are available to participants of the program that say "Proud Participant in the Clean Builders Program." As well, the program promotes contractors and companies that participate and hold an Annual Awards Ceremony. By placing the stickers and signs in view of the public, the participant is making a commitment to handle their site's waste materials in a litter-conscious way. The participant gives the program visibility by posting signs and informs site workers that they are participating in the program and ensures their cooperation in cleaning up garbage and litter.

The project was launched on August 2, 1997 in conjunction with the Eastern Newfoundland Home Builders Association Ltd. and St. John's Clean and Beautiful. Currently there are 14 Clean Builders. Although the project has not really been active in the last year, many members participate and promote a clean work site. One such area is the Civic Centre construction site. Currently, they are in the process of gathering volunteers to monitor sites to ensure that they remain litter free. St. John's Clean and Beautiful have many ongoing environmentally friendly projects.
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