Baxter Healthcare Corporation Cardiovascular Group (CVG)

The Waste Boards Reduction Awards Program (WRAP) is designed to recognize companies that develop creative and aggressive programs to reduce the amount of landfill waste. To show the state's appreciation of their efforts, winners are given an award certificate and free use of the WRAP logo for advertising and promotional use. WRAP functions as an incentive to encourage companies to engage in waste reduction programs. In addition, the company gets recognition and is shown state appreciation for their waste reduction efforts. Each business is judged separately and merit is based on individual accomplishments. Therefore, there is no competition among businesses. The WRAP endorsement includes regional promotion through press releases to local media and can be used by the business within its own marketing efforts. The California Integrated waste management board (CIWMB) created WRAP to inspire businesses to save money through resource efficiency and waste reduction. The Baxter healthcare Corporation Cardiovascular Group (CVG) is a six-year WRAP winner. The CVG has an integrated pollution prevention program, which includes such aspects as source reduction, reuse, recycling, composting, incineration, energy conservation, hazardous waste reduction, and solid waste reduction.

Through source reduction, recycling and composting programs, CVG has been able to reduce its disposal costs considerably. In 1989, disposal costs were determined to be $99,190 U.S. and by 1996, the costs had decreased to $33,850 annually. In addition, from 1989 to 1996 CVG was able to reduce waste disposal by 957 tons per year. CVG was able to save nearly $1.3 million per year in production and disposal costs. Annually, CVG recycles 166.2 tones of paper, 88.4 tones of cardboard, 28.2 tones of scrap metal, 21.7 tones of plastic, 2 tones of fluorescent tubes and 0.2 tones of aluminum. They also compost 42.6 tones annually. CVG was able to increase its diversion rate from 3% (1989 level) to 66% (1997 level), and save nearly $6 million dollars by reducing packaging and disposal. Based on 1989 levels they estimate package reduction to be 305.5 tones. As well, CVG saves 13.6 tones of paper annually by copying 25% of their documents on both sides and 5.2 tones of paper by replacing paper correspondence with email. The California integrated waste management board has recognized more than 1,200 California businesses as winners of its Waste Reduction Awards. If more companies were to implement effective solid waste reduction programs, the ecological benefits and economic benefits would be substantial.
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