Florida Clean Marina Program

Program developed as a multi-media single sector effort to implement a voluntary, partnership-driven, criteria and incentive-based, proactive pollution prevention approach for marinas, boatyards and boaters. Initial development began with developing in partnership with industry and media-based personnel within the Department best management practices that are positive, understandable and doable. Initial development principles consisted of concensus based policies consistent with existing laws and regulations, language must be "easy English" and practices must be in positive terms. A comparative analysis of best management practices from U.S. EPA, Connecticut, California, National Marine Manufacturers Association of America, and Broward County. The resulting distillation of these efforts and adopted to the Florida reality became the starting point for a series of meetings conducted over a three year period throughout Florida. The meetings were used to clarify and refine best management practices, develop checklists and program policies. A series of working groups led to the formation of the current Clean Boating Partnership consisting of 18 members from marinas, boatyards, marine industry associations, U.S. Coast Guard, International Marina Institute, Florida Sea Grant Program (part of the National Sea Grant Program)and one member from the Department. Program was officially kicked-off at the International Council of Marine Industries Association (ICOMIA)in Ft. Lauderdale, October 1999. There are five steps to recognition as a Clean Marina or Boatyard: First, attend workshop to learn about the program and make initial commitment to do the self-assessment; Second, do the self-assessment and further commit to achieving the self-assessment by sending a completed form to the Department; Third, achieve the program criteria in steps and time set by the participating facility; Fourth, request a validation review by a team of industry, department and Sea Grant personnel confirming that criteria have been acheived; and, Fifth enjoy the rewards of flag recognition and publicity for the facility. The first step in the program is the workshop mentioned above which explains the program and the series of steps toward designation. Manuals contain checklists, best management practices, and resources for marinas and boatyards. Contents have been organized by BMPs and formated in a Problem Statement, Goal and Action Step approach leading the reader in a simple to follow process in achieving viable operations and environmental protection at the same time. The contents are graphic intensive providing pictures as well as text to increase understanding in a short time. Program has a further requirement that the facility reviews its practices and certifies that they are still in place in order to receive annual renewal. A random selection of renewals will be revisited by a team similar to the validation team. For the boater there is a Clean Boater Campaign underway which has boaters sign a Boater's Pledge and in return they receive a sticker to display on their boat and a luggage tag. They also receive a pocket sized publication entitled "Clean Boating Habits" which is formated similar to Clean Marina Workbooks. Graphic design elements of the program were determined through a series of boater focus groups around the state.

As of today, there are 91 marinas designated as Clean Marinas and 15 boatyards designated as Clean Boatyards. Representatives from over 200 marinas and boatyards have attended workshops. Based on ancedotal information, boaters are beginning to select marinas based on their designation as Clena Marina. The program has been implemented in Maryland, Texas, Connecticut, South Carolina and San Diego in California. Tennessee Valley Authority has adopted elements of the program and Wahshington state, New York, North Carolina, Michigan, Arizona, Alabama and Virginia are in various stages of development and implementation of Clean Marina Programs. The International Council of Marine Industry Associaions adopted a resolution supporting the development of an international Clean Marina program that can be adopted by interested countries.
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