raycycle@excite.com February 2, 2006


I am assisting the Northern Virginia Waste Management Board and Northern Virginia Regional Commission (1.7 million people) (http://www.novaregion.org/toxics/) to promote the safe disposal of e-waste in a campaign called "KnowToxics". We are developing a regional electronics reduction marketing and collection project that will utilize 13 local governments in an e-waste outreach program in the Northern Virginia. Each year, there are millions of spent electronic products that may be improperly discarded in the region which is next to Washington D.C. Computers, monitors, televisions and other e-wastes, when improperly disposed discharge heavy metals and other toxins into our environment. Are there any programs utilizing community-based social marketing measures for e-waste? What about other programs or potential models to reduce electronic disposal? I appreciate any assistance or direction anyone can provide.

Kindest regards and happy returns,
Rob Arner

Recovery Enterprises Bethesda, MD