Nabilla Zayan March 6, 2007


Seeking experience, ideas and advice in providing biodiversity protection training for staff. My name is Nabilla, I work for the Mandurah City Council in Western Australia. Mandurah is located in a world recognised biodiversity hot-spot. Land clearing to accommodate hyper growth is a major threat to biodiversity in the region. We would like to make sure each staff member is aware of their individual potential to protect biodiversity through the decisions and actions they make in their work role by providing biodiversity training for staff and Elected Members. I am interested if anyone has any experience in providing work role specific biodiversity training? Or if anyone has received biodiversity training that was effective in empowering them to protect biodiversity in their job? - was the training delivered by an outside contractor or by staff in the organisation? - was it a once-off relatively brief training session or a series of sessions? - how did the trainers make the training relevant to your work role? - what was it about the training that empowered you to take steps towards biodiversity protection in your work role? - how did you engage staff who were not interested in attending biodiversity training? Any feedback on this topic would be appreciated.

Nabilla Zayan

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