Lynn Johannson May 30, 2007 9:52 am

Dear Fellow FSB listserv members:

One of the challenge areas we have been tackling is the behaviour change required in business sector referred to as "SMEs". We have amassed a fair library since 1994 on the barriers they face to greening and sustainability. As a result of some more recent work we led between 2005 and 2006, we wrote Going for the Green: A Manufacturer's Guide to Lean and Green. The prep for this book included contact with over 1000 small business owners and managers in Canada, with additional knowledge gained from the archives of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB). The research behind the book was funded through collaboration between Environment Canada and Industry Canada. Some of the research included consideration of the techniques that Doug has articulated and packaged rather nicely - our key focus was on the adoption of greening productivity as an innovation. Small business made it very clear to us that they do not see themselves as polluters - the reaction they give is much like the reaction you get when you (in jest) ask the question - do you beat your spouse often?... They want to do right things right the first time - but many of the guides and tools they had seen were not written for them - they were written by experts, but often focused on big company tools scaled down (which does not work), compliance as an entry level position (which is not accepted), used jargon (they need it in plain language), etc. I am pleased to be able to share the connection to the book on the CFIB website. It has the priority spot on their Quick Links Business Reference section. It is currently available in French as well. Copy into your Internet engine of choice, and it should get you there. The book itself is just a portal to other tools and resources, some of which are accessible through embedded links in the current version, and others that are being developed in response to small business. Aspects of the book will be tested on an Internet TV site as well in June or July. Should any one have trouble accessing the book or have an interest in the two streams of workshops we are running (one for users and one for stakeholders) I would ask you contact me directly, and not tie up space on Doug's listserv.

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