Stuart Hickox Ottawa September 26, 2007

Hi Folks:

I've missed the thread about "high-impact actions," but I wanted to chime in on CFL bulbs. It's a mistake to consider CFL distribution as an end. As in "We've done our CFL campaign, what's next?" It's a means to an end that should not be prematurely abandoned. We've seen that the CFL is a catalyst for behavioral change when it's delivered by a neighbor to the door. In fact, with over 300,000 CFLs now delivered with Project Porchlight, our program evaluation has shown some remarkable impacts: Of those who receive a free bulb at the door,
1) 78% say that they will either replace all the bulbs in their house right away or as old bulbs burn out.
2) 66% say that the action of replacing an old fashioned bulb with a CFL makes them think "energy conservation" when making decisions about other things in the home (heating, appliances, transportation choices).
The bulb is the most accessible, universal first action someone can take. It's the catalyst to converting awareness into action at the grassroots level. And it can carry other messages into the home. This fall, Porchlight volunteers will deliver 1,000,000 bulbs door-to-door to homes across Ontario and Alberta. Each bulb in Ontario will be accompanied by a small booklet of coupons for discounts at 23 retail partners (5000 locations) on power bars, timers and (of course) more bulbs. We're trying to leverage the simplicity of the bulb as the first change into action on others. If anyone wants to find out more, please let me know! It's a lot of fun...

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