Greg Carlson Venice December 10, 2007


Sarasota County, FL developed an ambitious sustainability plan through county government. You can link to the pdf full text of its sustainability roadmap at the following url-- The county's eight public libraries held a sustainability month in Sept. 2007. We partnered with several sister agencies including extension services and parks & recreation to provide relevant programming, create opportunities to sign sustainability pledges, take ecological footprint tests, acquire native tree seedlings, access local sustainable products and services, etc. We wish to align with county objectives and make sustainability month an annual event. Are there other public libraries that have sponsored similar intiatives, and if so, what recommendations can you offer vis-a-vis fostering sustainability practices through use of library space, programs, collections, and services? You are welcome to respond off-list if you prefer.


Greg Carlson,
Manager Jacaranda Public Library
Venice, FL