jrfulton December 12, 2007

Attached are some green office guide links for your consideration.


JR Fulton,
Architect LEED AP HFS
Capital Planning and Sustainability Manager

The Green Office Reference Guide - A Compilation of Online and Print Resources Housing & Food Services, 2007-2008 Calculators & Estimators 2 Green Office Guides 2 Multimedia Resources 3 Other Consumer'S Guides 3 Policies 3 Purchasing 4 Studies 5 Tips, Tricks, & Checklists 5 Calculators & Estimators

*Office Equipment - Government of South Australia [includes typical power consumption of laser and ink printers], http://www.sustainable.energy.sa.gov.au/pages/general/pdf/officeequipment_web.pdf

*Office Footprint Calculator - A joint project with TheGreenOffice.com, the Office Footprint Calculator promotes sustainability in the workplace, http://www.officefootprint.org/

Green Office Guides *The Green Office is an online retailer of recycled, environmentally friendly, and sustainable business products, school supplies, and paper, http://www.thegreenoffice.com/

*The Twin Cities Green Guide: Green Office -- by Ami Voeltz, The Twin Cities Green Guide, http://www.thegreenguide.org/print.php?cat=business&subcat=office

*Working 9 to 5 on Climate Change, An Office Guide, http://www.safeclimate.net/business/measuring/WRI_CO2Guide.pdf

*The Green Office, http://www.thegreenoffice.com

*Green Office Guide (New Zealand), http://www.greenoffice.org.nz/

*Green Office Guide (Oregon), http://www.portlandonline.com/shared/cfm/image.cfm?id=111253

*There are tons of excellent resources on this site, http://www.sustainableportland.org *"Green at Work" Guide (Pennsylvania), www.gggc.state.pa.us/gggc/lib/gggc/documents/greenatworkguide.pdf