Qadri Lawal February 18, 2008

Hi everyone:

I am currently preparing for my research on the raging desertification in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). My hypothesis is the use of community afforestation to reverse the deforestation crisis. I further propose the use of CBSM method (engaging grassroots efforts) to promote reforestation and tree planting for this purpose.

I am looking for typical survey questions appropriate for a focus group on this issue. For example:

How to engage the community in developing such a program?

What are the anticipated problems that could impede the implementation?

Who are the primary stakeholders?

What are the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders?

What behaviors need be changed or be discouraged to make this hypothesis work?

What incentives need be offered, enhanced, or encouraged? Etc., etc.

I look forward for ideas and suggestions.

Qadri A. Lawal