Dick Enright Naples April 2, 2008

Hello All:

I am getting very good suggestions please keep them coming! I am a member of the Bridgton-Lake Region Rotary Club as a Community Project plan to work on: EDUCATION: Cool Communities and Efficiency Maine in Partnership with the municipalities, schools businesses and individuals to: implement educational programs, assist in energy audits to reduce energy consumption (save money ) and implement Green programs. Our Science teacher plans to partner with us and have her class do an energy audit and find ways to cut back. http://maine.sierraclub.org/Maine_Cool_Cities.htm http://www.efficiencymaine.com/
Our service area is in the Western part of Maine known as the Lakes Region which includes: Bridgton, Naples, Harrison, Demark and Sweden all small communities. http://maps.google.com/ Bridgton then Satellite PROJECT: It must be a "sustainable project " to qualify for Grant funding though Rotary. Note attachment Rotarians please join in or talk to a Rotarian about Going Green. Example: Solar Unit Our local School S.A.D. 61 uses them and needs more Wind Power our first windmill ! Energy Efficient Devices "Going Green" - Sustainable Program that you may suggest.

Thank you all in advance,
Dick Enright