Nick Gallant Vancouver Jun 4, 2008 18:44 pm

Hi all,

Each September UBC runs its one day long "Imagine UBC" orientation program that sees 6000-7000 first year undergraduate students oriented to campus by their second, third and fourth year level peers. The event is both a great challenge and a great opportunity for UBC's Waste Management Division, so I'd like to hear your input on how we can make the most of the opportunity to foster sustainable behaviour. Background and Challenge: UBC Waste Management both operates and raises awareness about our in-vessel composting, glass/metal/paper and e-waste recycling, and litter reduction programs at our Vancouver campus. The university setting has an inherently high population turnover rate, so it's important that each incoming cohort is well oriented to our waste management programs to ensure that we stride towards our waste diversion goals. At the same time it's challenging to do so because some of the systems (e.g. campus-wide composting) are unfamiliar to students and there are so many more exciting things vying for their attention on their first day here. However, if we get them doing it right away then you can imagine the amount of waste each cohort can divert over their 4 (5 or 6 in some cases) years at UBC. So, we'd love to hear about similar cases where successful initiatives have been implemented or ideas you might have on how to create maximal impact given the circumstances.

Nick Gallant

Outreach Coordinator
UBC Waste Management
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