Leslie Watson Woodstock June 15, 2008


I'm with a river conservation organization in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. We have experienced unexplained fish kills for the last several years (not this year, yet) and are working with state and university scientists to determine the cause(s) of the kills. We just published a report on two monitors we placed in the North Fork Shenandoah River.. These monitors simulate the uptake of organic chemicals into the fatty tissue of fish and through their respiratory system. 59 different chemicals were identified in the river water (which 2 towns and 1 city use for drinking water), half of which were endocrine disruptors (we have intersex fish, as well). Problem is, there are no risk levels associated with these chemicals at the EPA or state level. Anyway, these PPCPs are a becoming a big concern in the Middle Atlantic. Please visit our website - www..fnfsr.org - if you are interested in seeing the report.

Leslie Mitchell-Watson

Executive Director
Friends of the North
Fork of the Shenandoah River
P.O. Box 746 Woodstock, VA 22664