Angela Wallis Tukwila October 9, 2009

Hello all-

I'm trying to locate studies that address the introduction of yard and food waste collection to multi-family developments. In particular, I am looking for information about the effectiveness of rolling out organics collection alongside standard recycling, versus setting up basic recycling services first, then later including organics.

KCHA is providing new recycling service to a number of low-income developments in 2010, and while my sense is to exclude organics at this time, I have trouble accepting that we'll miss out on the huge diversion potential of organics.

I am aware of some of the local experiences with multi-family recycling in King County, Wa, USA, but am looking for studies that may have been done on the particular question of timing and organics collection.

Angela Wallis
Resource Conservation Manager
King County Housing Authority
Tukwila, Washington, USA