Clove Berger Olympia November 15, 2009

The wind possesses great amounts of power. Among the many uses of wind energy and power, its conversion into electricity is the most striking. This power can be converted into electricity with the help of wind turbines. A wind turbine is rotated with the help of blowing wind, which leads to electricity generation. There are mainly two types of wind turbines in use: Two-blade and three-blade turbines. The two blade turbines face away from the wind whereas blade turbines face into the blowing wind. Both work on the same principle.

When the wind blows, it travels through the blades and rotates the shaft. The shaft is connected to the generator that will in turn create electricity. In wind farms, the two blade and three blade turbines are connected together to produce electricity. The wind turbines connected together are capable of powering large number of buildings.

The investments in the wind energy sector have risen over the years. Although the wind energy usage in world is limited to 1%, it is growing rapidly world wide. Considering the fact that the potential of wind power is huge enough to fulfill the world energy needs, the investments in wind energy has moved up. The wind energy usage has risen by five folds globally between 2000 and 2007. The wind energy sector shows a growth rate of 21% per year.

Clove Berger
United States