Unknown May 26, 2010

North Shore City Council is embarking on a pilot programme to reduce cement/concrete pollution entering stormwater. The programme is aimed at changing behaviours of residential and trade customers of a local hardware store. We plan to up-skill store staff on the impacts of cement/concrete pollution and use cbsm tools and techniques to foster changes in storage, site preaparation, clean up and disposal of cement/concrete products.

We are interested in any other programmes with simliar aims and would be keen to make contact with any groups who have undertaken and evaluated similar programmes in the past or who are currently doing so. In particular we are interested in those that have used a workplace/point of sale to deliver tools/key messages. We are in the process of designing our programme and undertaking our target audience research. Please let us know if you have any relevant information that you think would be helpful to us. Simialr programme targeting the reduction of other domestic and trade stormwater pollutants such as paint would also be of interest.

Danielle Kennedy
Pollution Prevention Project Leader
New Zealand