Stuart Jeffcoat Auckland December 17, 2013

Hello from a balmy Auckland, NZ. I have a client who has asked for a fairly unrealistic sample frame in terms some criteria. These are that we sample (for benchmarking and a CBSM design project) on a representative basis by age and gender at the 'local board' level where we would (based in their requested sample sizes) have a sample size of either 68 or 136. They have also asked for a wider (regional) sample by ethnicity and SES for n-1,500 or 3,000. My main question is (other than how to achieve the near impossible), do variables such as age, gender, ethnicity and SES have an impact on CBSM campaigns for sustainable behaviour? We have found that SES does with regards to 'walking school buses' but that is largely a result of parental availability. Thanks in advance - and looking forwards to 'chatting' re this and other topics (this is my first on the forum).

Stuart Jeffcoat
Mobius Research and Strategy Ltd
New Zealand