Dylan Furnell Townsville February 24, 2014

Hi All,

I was just wondering if anyone could provide some help in relation to targeting the activity level behaviours. We implemented a CBSM program which uncovered 240 residential energy behaviours, this list was short listed to a list of 33 and then 3 behaviours selected from this.

The behaviour we did pilot and majority of research was on the behaviour "Painting your roof with a reflective white coating" in this program we did a pilot etc. had local painters on board in addressing the barriers. From this point we also found that within our desired behaviour there were activity level behaviours that we must address as well, e.g. calling the painter, what product is good, being home for the quote and more.

I was wondering if anyone has ever undertaken a project on activity level behaviours and if any advice could be given on the best way to tackle these. Due to the project being funded as well time frames are very short to get to implementation of a pilot project.

Any help appreciated.


Dylan Furnell

Dylan Furnell
Townsville City Council