Virginia Bruce Portland January 30, 2015

We are planning a campaign to introduce homeowners and community groups to Naturescaping. I would love to hear suggestions about the best messages to get people interested enough to come to a one-hour introductory session.

From our POV, the benefits to participants are: low maintenance needs, including chemicals and water; attracting and nurturing wildlife; a feeling of making a difference and sense of community.

Of course, from the conservation POV, it's: less or no chemical use; less water; wildlife habitat; and an opening for further awareness of watershed issues for those participating.

Are we missing something really sexy and exciting that would get folks to the short workshop?? Has anyone done this kind of outreach with success? Any info and/or materials you can share would be very welcome. We're just a couple of volunteers, but we'll be working with a variety of local agencies.

Virginia Bruce
Citizens' Participation Organization #1 (Portland, OR)
United States