Jeff Garkowski, MCIP, RPP Toronto September 2, 2015

I am working on an individualized marketing program aimed at increasing usage of a commuter parking lot (carpooling and transit drop-and-go) and am seeking input on good examples cases to look at for a best practice review.

The best practice review is looking at successful programs that have been used to encourage the use of commuter parking lots for carpooling and/or transit drop-and-go functions through individualized marketing or behaviour change programs. More specifically, we are looking for any programs, initiatives, or studies that focus on:
Use of carpool lots
Use of carpooling hubs/dedicated carpool parking spaces or zones
Informal/unorganized carpooling initiatives
Organized carpooling initiatives focusing on meet-up locations (individual or employer-based)
Use of commuter lots surrounding public transit hubs
Use of drop-and-go/kiss-n-ride areas surrounding public transit

We are primarily interested in successful cases from Canada and the United States, but any good examples or resources would be very helpful.

Jeff Garkowski, MCIP, RPP
Senior Planner & Project Manager
Lura Consulting